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Temperature Data Logger - Single Use


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 TemplogONE is specifically produced to log temperature measurement during the distribution of perishable products such as fresh vegetable, fruit, sea food, meat, dairy, pharmaceutical and etc.

 It logs the ambient temperature through internal sensor at correct time and accurate precision.

 This is the only device transferring the data to the web environment through one
 You may send your data in TemplogONE to our servers by clicking "SEND TO WEB" if you wish Hereby; you may reach data any time by entering device serial number to DATA FOLLOW UP INTERROGATION form in our website from a computer connected to the Internet for free.

 By passing the device serial number to different users, different users will be able to see the data at the same time without any time loosing.

 TemplogONE enables you to change device setting according to your wishes before the registration process has not begun.

 Therefore, you are able to change log duration, start delay, min. and max. temperature, upper and lower alarm threshold.

Templog ONE  

* Measurement Range : -30 C to+70C
* Accuracy : ±0.5 C
* Temperature Resolution : 0.1 C
* Memory capacity : 5000 Measurements
* Logging Period : 3-5-7-10-15-20-30-45-60-90 Days
* Log Interval : From 60 seconds to 27 minutes
* Shelf Life : 12 Months
* Dimensions : 75mmL X 34mmW X 8mmH
* Weight : 15 Grams
* Box: 50 pieces