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Gentek Electronics

GENTEK Elektronik San. and Tic. A.S. In Industrial Electronics field in Turkey and was established in 2009 in order to make a difference in the world.

His differences with the design and production of products highlighting the GENTEK, America, Spain, France, Switzerland, Egypt and India as countries in the name of establishing distributorships, Turkey, and has managed to impose on the world.

Despite having a short history, the most important reasons for the achievements are that it has a strong R & D structure with a contemporary, dynamic and young staff.

As Gentek Electronics;
Rather than copying products from the market, the products needed in the field of industrial electronics, as a result of market analysis and boldly taking decisions in line with the decision to produce.

Each year, the largest share of the R & D budget planning and Advertising / Promotion distinguishes our services to the company, it is the world market in Turkey and brand awareness committed to increase with each passing day.

Gentek Elektronik will continue to talk about its name with its differences in Industrial Electronics from now on.